In the film industry the use of illusion (formally known as VFX) is very popular as these techniques allow the artist produce very high convincing compositions, this topic brings me into illusions u might be thinking WHAT IS ILLUSIONS?  Illusion is something that people would believe to be fake or not real, this technique has revolutionised the film industry and has made our tiny little brains to believe in things that are not real, or which do not exist in our entire universe.

Not all illusions are digitally made, for example there are the old school illusion which were made by hand and are painted in a specific way to trick the brain into thinking it is actually there, like this illusion where the artist has drawn a environment but has tweaked some of the shapes and objects within the painting to form a hidden face. Nowadays there are other types of illusions being created in the film industry, all those beautiful scenes you see in films, 60% of those are an illusion, making you believe the actors are in a specific areas when they are not, the method used is known as green screening, this method consist of a green background in which the actor would be filmed then using a compositing software the background is removed and a different background is placed, and it doesn’t end there, the film industry has a lot of tricks up their sleeves, I have found a very interesting documentary about the use of different techniques which were used to create a lot of well known films, so illusion is just there to trick our minds and make them believe we are seeing things when really we are not, it’s weird……



Hello everyone, in this article I will be talking about VFX, yea those million dollar effects that make you say WAAOOOW!, ok so I will start by talking about what VFX means, the meaning is VISUAL EFFECTS and is a technique in which the artist uses any form of imagery manipulation to add to film footage, these techniques can consist of the use of computers or can be handmade for example there is the use of puppets or models made out of different materials, those were mostly used in old movies to create the illusion of monsters, these were made out of clay, but nowadays the vfx industry has had a massive improvement in technology which allow them to create things that weren’t possible to be created by hand, one example of modern VFX is from the latest film Avatar, in this film they used video footage and 3d models compositing them together and making an amazing job, this process of making 3d models is also refered to as CGI which stands for COMPUTER GENERATED IMEGARY, this is achieved by adding an extra axis which is refered to as the Z AXIS, by using all 3 axis a 3d model is born, CGI is traced back into the years 1960’s when a group of Russian mathematicians made a mathematical model of a cat, from then on it evolved. CG has revolutionized at the things we see, but its ont only in the film industry that we see cgi, these techniques are used in architecture to help architects to have an idea of what the finished constructions would look like, cgi has also been used for medical perpuses like 3d scanning for pregnant females, this has truly evolved our planet. Who knows maybe one day we will be able to enter the 3d space HAHAHA….

here are some examples of the use of cgi , on the left side is “Megamind” created by Dreamworks animation studios and to the right a architectural visualization.


What is the avant-garde movement you may ask? Well today I will be talking about the lecture about avant-garde and Jan Tschichold, firstly avant-garde is the pushing of boundaries where artist create art by the use of different or weird looking things, this can be also be categorized in the modernism, futurism or De Stijl movements, this has had a great influence in the art and design background as it has opened minds of those art designers to think outside the box and come out with unique ideas.

So who exactly was Jan Tschichold? Well I will be using Jan for short as his name is too long and complicated to write, Jan was born the 2 of April and he focused on typography, he also had knowledge in book design and teaching, in his early ages he was trained by his dad in the art of calligraphy and quickly developed love for this technique, his main influences and inspirations were Bauhaus, Russian constructivism and de stijl movements.  After being influenced by the Bauhaus he changed his typography style and started thinking symmetrically, during this time he started to write books to show how typography should be layed out, one of his famous books is called Die neue Typographie, this book was released in the year 1927, during the year 1947 he moved to England and worked on the redesign of the penguin books, he gave it a new typographical layout.

“There is not enough memory available to run this program.”

Today i will be talking about the history of computers and how it has changed my life completely, so what is a computer ? a computer is a programeble machine which allows you to calculate the most hyper mega complicated equation or  any mathematical term, and many more things from art to science and so on, according Mark Ingham’s presentation on the 09 march 2011 computers somehow evolved from a simple abicus, which helped people to solve simple mathematical values. from then people decided to make more complex machines with cables and weird looking metal shaped things!

my first encounter with a computer was probably with the abacus when i was a child trying to learn how to count or to add and subtract, throughtout my life ive had a lot of machines….. to be continued!


I can’t really recall what my first cartoon was but through my infant life I spent a lot of time watching various cartoons but one that has always appealed to me is the Spiderman series,  I was fascinated by the cartoons as I found it very interesting and Spiderman is an awesome character I remember that my one favourite Halloween outfit was Spiderman also when I was a child I loved to climb trees and light post and pretend I was Spiderman myself, other cartoons that I remember watching was the smurfs and the Simpsons , my second favourite cartoons was a anime called saint seiya Knights of the zodiac (caballeros del zodiac) which is the Spanish name for it was about these warriors who would fight with sacred armour based on greek goods, each character would have a different armour which are based on different constellations for example the main character which is called saiya and the entire anime is based around him, he was given the Pegasus armour, this anime was released in 1989.





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Hello once again I will be reporting on the past lecture by Alan Powers on two married couples who dedicated their lives to art, they both worked with each other as designers creating different pieces of art, mostly focusing on furniture design and architectural design.

At one point during the “Second World War” Charles would be forced to work for the military, he is most famously know for creating the leg splint which would be completely be made out of plywood as it made it flexible and be able to bend it at certain angles, this material also made it lightweight and easy to carry around if you were in the military. This made him well known and then he would continue working on other furniture design such as the “Eames RAR (Rocker Armchair Rod) Rocker” and many more.

One of the short films we watched was called “toccata for toy trains”, and was produced by the Eames couple in the year 1959, I found this film really interesting as it seem to be directed to a younger audience, the film start by showing various train signs, and a very nice and calm yet jumpy music, we are then directed to a scene where we see a someone’s hand playing with a toy train, this film is intended to take you back to when you were small and used to play with that type of toys,  this short film is really interesting and seems to catch everyone’s attention, the music goes really well with the film and shows a lot of emotions by using specific tones and pauses of music, I really like how the trains have been fine detailed and the miniature people too. I recommend watching this film as it really gets you emotional.

Below I have added links for the film also I have added an interesting video on the Eames. Enjoy

“Toccata for toy trains”

“The design genius of Charles + Ray Eames”